Free Social Media Marketing Audit

Local Digital Genius Offers a Free Business Social Media Marketing Audit.

Discover the power of social media for your business with our exclusive free Social Media Marketing Audit. We’ll evaluate your platform presence, analyze content and competitors, study your audience, and assess performance metrics to uncover opportunities for growth and optimization. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your online presence and effectively reach your target audience through tailored social media strategies.

Here are some of the key elements


Platform assessment

Evaluate the business’s presence on various social media platforms to determine which channels are most effective for reaching the target audience and meeting marketing objectives.


Competitor analysis

Analyze competitors’ social media strategies to gain insights on industry trends, best practices, and potential opportunities for growth and differentiation.

Performance metrics

Assess key performance indicators (KPIs) such as reach, impressions, engagement rates, and conversions to identify areas for improvement and develop data-driven strategies to optimize social media marketing efforts.

Content analysis

Review the current content being shared on social media, including visuals, captions, and posting frequency, to identify strengths and areas for improvement in terms of engagement and relevance.

Audience analysis

Examine the business’s follower demographics, engagement rates, and preferences to better understand the target audience and tailor content and campaigns accordingly.
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